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Job Title Alternate Title Salary Location Date Updated
Packer/Packager, Hand $28,019 US January 30, 2017
Percussion Instrument Repairers and Tuners Percussion Instrument Repairers & Tuners $28,836 US January 30, 2017
Pest Controller $29,688 US January 30, 2017
Proof Operator Proof Machine Operator $25,384 US January 30, 2017
Rock Splitter Block Maker , Driller $29,187 US January 30, 2017
Saddle Stitch Operator Assistant Assistant Saddle Stitch Operator , Saddle Stitch Assistant , Saddle Stitch Assistant Operator $29,962 US January 30, 2017
Security Guard $29,533 US January 30, 2017
Service Station Attendant $21,312 US January 30, 2017
Sewer, Hand Assembler , Band Sewer , Bander , Garment Finisher , Garment Sewer, hand , Hand Stitcher , Hand Tacker , Needleworker $25,089 US January 30, 2017
Sewing Machine Operator $25,549 US January 30, 2017
Shoe Repairer Cobbler , Shoemaker $25,500 US January 30, 2017
Shoe Sewing Machine Operator/Tender $24,782 US January 30, 2017
Shop and Alteration Tailor Shop & Alteration Tailor $28,378 US January 30, 2017
Surface Mount Tech Machine Operator I SMT Machine Operator I , Level I SMT Machine Operator , Entry Level SMT Machine Operator $28,753 US January 30, 2017
Tire Machine Operator $28,572 US January 30, 2017
Wood Machine Operator $29,866 US January 30, 2017

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