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Job Title Alternate Title Salary Location Date Updated
HR Service Center Representative I Entry Level HR Service Center Representative , Human Resources Service Center Representative I $41,202 US May 30, 2017
HVAC Mechanic I Entry Level HVAC Mechanic $43,056 US May 30, 2017
Import/Export Clerk Export/Import Clerk $41,659 US May 30, 2017
Industrial Engineering Technician I Entry Level Industrial Engineering Technician $44,433 US May 30, 2017
Installation & Maintenance Technician I Entry Level Installation & Maintenance Technician , Installation & Maintenance Tech I $41,716 US May 30, 2017
Instrument Technician I Entry Level Instrument Technician $45,449 US May 30, 2017
Interior Designer I Level I Interior Designer , Entry Level Interior Designer $43,556 US May 30, 2017
Land Administrator I Entry Level Land Administrator $46,175 US May 30, 2017
Land Surveyor I Entry Level Land Surveyor $45,151 US May 30, 2017
Landscape Architect I Entry Level Landscape Architect $47,643 US May 30, 2017
Legal Records Clerk $35,457 US May 30, 2017
Logistics Clerk $47,854 US May 30, 2017
Loss Control Representative Insurance Loss Control Representative , Entry Level Loss Control Representative $47,154 US May 30, 2017
Machine Operator I Entry Level Machine Operator , Fabricating-Machine Operator $31,850 US May 30, 2017
Machinist I Entry Level Machinist , Machinist I, first-class , Machinist I, general $40,953 US May 30, 2017
Manufacturing Engineering Technician I Manufacturing Engineer Technician I $45,503 US May 30, 2017
Margin Clerk I Entry Level Margin Clerk , Level I Margin Clerk $36,485 US May 30, 2017
Marketing Analyst I Entry Level Marketing Analyst $49,380 US May 30, 2017
Mechanic Technician I Entry Level Mechanic Technician $41,383 US May 30, 2017
Mechanical Designer I Entry Level Mechanical Designer $46,347 US May 30, 2017

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