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(Entry Level Pay Scales)

The Entry Level job titles listed on this page pay salaries that fall between Middle income level. These are considered to be Middle income jobs in the Entry Level category. If you are not concerned with what category a job falls in you may wish to browse all jobs by salary range. If you are only concerned with Entry Level jobs you may wish to browse Entry Level jobs by salary range or browse all Entry Level jobs.

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Job Title Alternate Title Salary Location Date Updated
Accountant I Entry Level Accountant $48,082 US August 29, 2016
Accounting Clerk I Entry Level Accounting Clerk $36,036 US August 29, 2016
Administrative Assistant I Entry Level Administrative Assistant $38,512 US August 29, 2016
Aircraft Painter I Entry Level Aircraft Painter , Airplane Painter I , Entry Level Airplane Painter $39,014 US August 29, 2016
Applications Systems Specialist I Entry Level Applications Systems Specialist $45,254 US August 29, 2016
Architect I Entry Level Architect $47,738 US August 29, 2016
Architectural Drafter I Entry Level Architectural Drafter $41,679 US August 29, 2016
ATM Service Technician $38,463 US August 29, 2016
Automotive Mechanic I Automobile Mechanic I , Entry Level Automotive Mechanic $36,486 US August 29, 2016
Bankruptcy Specialist I Loan Entry Level Loan Bankruptcy Specialist $35,728 US August 29, 2016
Benefits Administrator I Entry Level Benefits Administrator , Entry Level Benefits Administrator , Level I Benefits Administrator $48,514 US August 29, 2016
Biologist I Entry Level Biologist $46,845 US August 29, 2016
Boilermaker I Level I Boilermaker , Entry Level Boilermaker $37,194 US August 29, 2016
Branch Management Trainee $38,420 US August 29, 2016
Branch Service Representative I $35,784 US August 29, 2016
Buyer I Entry Level Buyer $49,620 US August 29, 2016
Calibration Technician I Entry Level Calibration Technician $45,515 US August 29, 2016
Call Center Quality Analyst $43,280 US August 29, 2016
Call Center Scheduler Customer Service Scheduler $43,172 US August 29, 2016
Carpenter I Entry Level Carpenter $40,290 US August 29, 2016

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