Middle Income Level Jobs
Salary.com's middle income job level is the most densely populated salary range. This range includes many professional level jobs at the professional salary rate. This bracket is often parallel with the middle class salary, many jobs are in line with the average pay rate and average job pay. The average salary data in the middle income bracket is wage data for salaried jobs that often require experience and are verified by salary.com compensation analysts.
The following     Job titles are in the salary range of  
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Alternate Job Titles: University Academic Counselor , Academic Counselor , College College Academic Counselor , University Academic Advisor
Alternate Job Titles: College Academic Coordinator , University Academic Support Coordinator
Alternate Job Titles: Entry Level Accountant
Alternate Job Titles: Entry Level Accounting Clerk
Alternate Job Titles: Intermediate Level Accounting Clerk
Alternate Job Titles: Senior Accounting Clerk
Alternate Job Titles: Billing Clerk , AP Clerk
Alternate Job Titles: Senior Billing Clerk , Billing Clerk, Sr. , Billing Clerk, Sr , AP Clerk, Sr.
Alternate Job Titles: Credit and Collections Clerk , Credit & Collections Clerk , AR Clerk
Alternate Job Titles: Credit & Collections Clerk, Sr , Credit and Collections Clerk, Sr , Senior Credit and Collections Clerk , Accounts Receivable Clerk, Sr , Senior Accounts Receivable Clerk , Credit and Collections Clerk, Sr. , AR Clerk, Sr.
Alternate Job Titles: AR Supervisor I
Alternate Job Titles: Nursing Home Activities Director , Activities Director - Nursing Home
Alternate Job Titles: Intermediate Level Adjustment Clerk
Alternate Job Titles: Senior Adjustment Clerk , Adjustment Clerk, Sr. , Adjustment Clerk, Sr
Alternate Job Titles: Bilingual Administrative Assistant , Secretary - Bilingual
Alternate Job Titles: Entry Level Administrative Assistant
Alternate Job Titles: Intermediate Level Administrative Assistant , Intermediate Level Administrative Assistant
Alternate Job Titles: Senior Level Administrative Assistant , Senior Level Administrative Assistant
Alternate Job Titles: Admitting Coordinator- Nursing Home
Alternate Job Titles: College Admissions Rep. , Admissions Representative -Higher Ed. , Admissions Officer -Higher Ed. , Admissions Officer - Higher Ed. , University Admissions Rep.
Alternate Job Titles: Admitting Officer , Admissions Supervisor
Alternate Job Titles: Admitting and Discharge Clerk , Admitting & Discharge Clerk , Admissions/Discharge Clerk
Alternate Job Titles: Teacher, Adult Education
Alternate Job Titles: Aerial Tram Operator
Alternate Job Titles: Aircraft Maintenance Assistant
Alternate Job Titles: Entry Level Aircraft Painter , Airplane Painter I , Entry Level Airplane Painter
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