Executive Compensation Report By Executive

Balazs Fejes Executive Vice President and Co-Head of Global Business EPAM SYSTEMS INC
Balu Balakrishnan President and Chief Executive Officer POWER INTEGRATIONS INC
Bamidele Ali Chief Commercial Officer XG SCIENCES INC
Ban Siong Ang CEO and Group Managing Director HEYU LEISURE HOLIDAYS CORP
Ban Siong Ang Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board, Director HEYU BIOLOGICAL TECH CORP
Bansi Nagji Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development MCKESSON CORP
Baozhu Deng President and Director of Baileqi Electronics IONIX TECHNOLOGY INC
Barbara Benson Chief Financial Officer CAMBIUM LEARNING GROUP INC
Barbara Finck Chief Medical Officer COHERUS BIOSCIENCES INC
Barbara Kennedy Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer WESTERN ALLIANCE BANCORP
Barbara Klencke Chief Development Officer SIERRA ONCOLOGY
Barbara Laken Director, Secretary GOOD GAMING, INC.
Barbara Rentler Chief Executive Officer, Director ROSS STORES INC
Barbara Rivera Chief Operating Officer BIO-KEY INTERNATIONAL INC
Barbara Russell Chief Financial Officer Treasurer and Secretary TOR MINERALS INTL INC
Barbara Stephens Chief Human Resources Officer REV GROUP INC
Barbara White Chief Medical Officer CORBUS PHARMACEUTICALS HLDGS
Barbara Wirostko Chief Medical Officer EYEGATE PHARMACEUTICALS INC
Barbara A. Jacobsmeyer Executive Vice President and President, Inpatient Hospitals ENCOMPASS HEALTH CORP
Barbara A. Manzolillo Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer and Director MEDICAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, INC.
Barbara A. Wood Former Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary IVERIC BIO INC
Barbara A.J. Bornhoft Vice President/COO and Corporate Secretary NUVERA COMMUNICATIONS, INC.
Barbara B. Hulit Senior Vice President FORTIVE CORP
Barbara F. Duck Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer BB&T CORP
Barbara J. Britenriker Executive Vice President (PFO) FARMERS & MERCHANTS BCP/OH
Barbara J. Dreyer Treasurer, Capital Properties, Inc. CAPITAL PROPERTIES INC
Barbara L. Brasier Chief Financial Officer HERC HOLDINGS INC
Barbara Martin Coppola Chief Marketing Officer GRUBHUB INC.
Barbara R. Smith Chairman, President and CEO COMMERCIAL METALS