Executive Compensation Report By Executive

Calli R. Bucci Chief Financial Officer, Secretary PARALLAX HEALTH SCIENCES, INC.
Calvin Frye Former Chairman and CEO GALA PHARMACEUTICAL INC.
Calvin Knowlton Chief Executive Officer TABULA RASA HEALTHCARE, INC.
Calvin McDonald Chief Executive Officer LULULEMON ATHLETICA INC
Calvin W. Frese Jr. Former Global Group President CBRE GROUP, INC.
Cam McMartin Chief Financial Officer SAILPOINT TECHNO HLDG
Cameron Chell Director and Chairman and Former President and Chief Executive Officer ICOX INNOVATIONS INC.
Cameron Durrant M.D., MBA Chairman & Chief Executive Officer HUMANIGEN INC
Cameron Hoyler General Counsel POLARITYTE, INC.
Cameron Reynolds President, CEO and Director VOLITIONRX LTD
Cameron A. Scott Retired Vice President UNION PACIFIC CORP
Cameron M. Bready Senior EVP and Chief Financial Officer GLOBAL PAYMENTS INC
Cameron P. Hicks Vice President, Global Human Resources and Employee Communications TELEFLEX INC
Cameron R. McLain CEO/President, Director RESERVE PETROLEUM CO
Cameron S. Way Sr. VP, Chief Financial Officer ONVIA INC
Camille G. Cutino Vice President, Operations and Human Resources CAI INTERNATIONAL INC
Camille I. Farhat President and Chief Executive Officer RTI SURGICAL INC
Camille I. Farhat President and Chief Executive Officer RTI SURGICAL HOLDINGS INC
Camillo Pane Chief Executive Officer COTY INC.
Campbell J. Jones Chief Executive Officer FAIRMOUNT SANTROL HOLDINGS
Candice Tomkins CFO, Treasurer and director UNLEASHED INC.
Candice L. Otey Vice President-Finance, Chief Financial,Officer, Treasurer and Secretary AIR T INC
Cara L. Farley Executive Vice President-Marketing and Product Development CSS INDUSTRIES INC
Cara M. Cassino M. D. Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President of Research and Development CONTRAFECT CORP
Cara M. Hair Vice President, Corporate Services and Chief Legal Officer HELMERICH & PAYNE
Caren Mason President and Chief Executive Officer STAAR SURGICAL CO
Carey A. O'Connor Former Senior VP and Chief Legal Counsel FLOWSERVE CORP
Carey B. Edwards Executive Vice President-Sales CSS INDUSTRIES INC
Carey P. Hendrickson Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer CAPITAL SENIOR LIVING CORP