Executive Compensation Report By Executive

Dale E. Messick Chief Financial Officer LUNA INNOVATIONS INC
Dale G. Barnhart President and Chief Executive Officer LYDALL INC
Dale H. Sizemore Jr. President and Chief Executive Officer TOROTEL INC
Dale M. McKillop Senior Vice President & Managing Director COMMERCIAL VEHICLE GROUP INC
Dale P. Bennett Executive Vice President Rotary and Mission Systems LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP
Dale R. Davis former Chief Integration Officer STG GROUP INC
Dale T. Brinkman Senior Vice President-Administration, General Counsel and Secretary WORTHINGTON INDUSTRIES
Dale W. Boyles Chief Financial Officer WARRIOR MET COAL INC
Dalen D. Harrison Senior Vice President and Chief Deposit Officer FIRST FINANCIAL NORTHWEST
Dallas Gray Former Director DOMINOVAS ENERGY CORP
Dallas B. Tanner Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer STARWOOD WAYPOINT HOMES
Dallas B. Tanner President and Chief Executive Officer INVITATION HOMES INC
Damian Finio Chief Financial Officer TELIGENT INC
Damian Kozlowski Chief Executive Officer BANCORP INC
Damian Lismore Chief Financial Officer NEXVET BIOPHARMA PLC
Damian Marley Director, President and Chief Executive Officer APPLIED BIOSCIENCES CORP.
Damian Towns Former Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary LI3 ENERGY INC
Damian J. Murphy Former Executive Vice President, East Division President SUMMIT MATERIALS INC
Damiano Tucci Chief Operating Officer ALMOST NEVER FILMS INC.
Damien McDonald Chief Executive Officer LIVANOVA PLC
Damon Audia Vice President and Chief Financial Officer KENNAMETAL INC
Damon Fletcher Chief Financial Officer TABLEAU SOFTWARE INC
Damon Stein General Counsel and Secretary ACCELERIZE INC
Damon J. Audia Former Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer CARPENTER TECHNOLOGY CORP
Damon M. Mote Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer OVERSEAS SHIPHOLDING GROUP
Damon T. Hininger President and Chief Executive Officer CORECIVIC INC
Dan Anderson CFO & Director BAKKEN RESOURCES INC
Dan Antilley Chief Information Security Officer CARDTRONICS PLC
Dan Beck Chief Financial Officer SVB FINANCIAL GROUP