Executive Compensation Report By Executive

Katharine Pierce Former General Counsel LENDINGTREE INC
Katherine Balk VP of Human Resources HOMELAND ENERGY SOLUTIONS LLC
Katherine Harper Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer AGROFRESH SOLUTIONS INC
Katherine Jaspon Chief Financial Officer DUNKIN' BRANDS GROUP INC
Katherine West Chairman of the Board, Director CURATIVE BIOSCIENCES, INC.
Katherine A. Anderson CFO and Secretary REPROS THERAPEUTICS INC
Katherine A. High M.D. President and Head of Research and Development SPARK THERAPEUTICS, INC.
Katherine E. Potter Executive Vice President and General Counsel FIVE STAR SENIOR LIVING INC
Katherine H. Ramundo Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary ARCONIC INC
Katherine I. Hargis General Counsel KEY ENERGY SERVICES INC
Katherine K. Parker Vice President of Human Resources ENDOCYTE INC
Katherine L. Scherping Chief Financial Officer NATIONAL CINEMEDIA INC
Katherine P. Burgeson General Counsel INGEVITY CORP
Katherine T. Gates Sr. VP, GC, Chief Compliance Officer SUNCOKE ENERGY INC
Katherine T. Gates SVP, Gen. Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer SUNCOKE ENERGY PARTNERS LP
Katheryn Marinello President and CEO HERTZ GLOBAL HOLDINGS INC
Kathie Bishop Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer OTONOMY INC
Kathie A. DeRuiter Executive Vice President HORIZON BANCORP INC
Kathleen Bonanno Chief Financial Officer PALO ALTO NETWORKS INC
Kathleen Clarence-Smith M.D., Ph.D. Former Chief Executive Officer GT BIOPHARMA INC
Kathleen Eisbrenner Chairman and Former Chief Executive Officer NEXTDECADE CORP
Kathleen Karloff CEO, President Chairperson Director INVO BIOSCIENCE, INC.
Kathleen Mitford EVP, Products PTC INC
Kathleen Patton General Counsel and Secretary CARGURUS INC
Kathleen Philips Chief Financial Officer, Chief Legal Officer, Secretary and Treasurer ZILLOW GROUP INC
Kathleen Shepherd CTO HealthDatix IGAMBIT, INC.
Kathleen Valiasek Chief Financial Officer AMYRIS INC
Kathleen A. Browne Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer & Secretary CURAEGIS TECHNOLOGIES INC
Kathleen A. McEndy Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer SOUTH JERSEY INDUSTRIES INC
Kathleen A. Waters Chief Legal Officer DAVITA INC