Executive Compensation Report By Executive

Patrick Bertagna Chief Executive Officer GTX CORP
Patrick Bixenman Chief Administrative Officer and President, Research and Technology C&J ENERGY SERVICES INC
Patrick Carroll Executive Vice President, Chief Risk Officer and Former Chief Financial Officer LEXINGTON REALTY TRUST
Patrick Cefalu Vice President and Chief Executive Officer MICROPAC INDUSTRIES INC
Patrick Chaffin SVP, Asset Management RYMAN HOSPITALITY PROPERTIES, INC.
Patrick Cogny Senior Vice President, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & Services and High Tech GENPACT LTD
Patrick Darby Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary ENCOMPASS HEALTH CORP
Patrick Dennis Chief Executive Officer, President and Director GUIDANCE SOFTWARE INC
Patrick Dennis Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer ASSOCIATED CAPITAL GROUP INC
Patrick Dignan Executive Vice President NORTHEAST BANCORP/ME
Patrick Dumont Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer LAS VEGAS SANDS CORP
Patrick Dunda Former Chief Executive Officer FRONTIER DIGITAL MEDIA GROUP, INC.
Patrick Fabbio Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer PROGENICS PHARMACEUTICAL INC
Patrick Fitzgerald Executive Vice President Richardson Healthcare RICHARDSON ELECTRONICS LTD
Patrick Forsythe Executive Vice President Global Engineering GENERAC HOLDINGS INC
Patrick Frankham President, Chief Executive Officer and Director PIVOT PHARMACEUTICALS INC
Patrick Gelsinger CEO VMWARE INC -CL A
Patrick Giordano President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, and Director JOBBOT INC.
Patrick Goepel Chief Executive Officer ASURE SOFTWARE INC
Patrick Gosselin Former President, CEO, Secretary and Director IQSTEL INC
Patrick Greene Executive Vice President, Director TAUTACHROME INC
Patrick Griffin M.D. Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer SYNERGY PHARMACEUTICALS INC
Patrick Johnson CEO, Director CHERUBIM INTERESTS INC
Patrick Keddy Executive Vice President and General Manager, North America and Western Europe IRON MOUNTAIN INC
Patrick Keran Vice President, General Counsel SEASPINE HOLDINGS CORP
Patrick Kivits Senior Vice President, EIMEA (Europe, India, Middle East, Africa) FULLER (H. B.) CO
Patrick Kullmann COO MEDOVEX CORP
Patrick Lyons Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer HUDSON GLOBAL INC
Patrick Maloney Executive Vice President, Operations BARNES & NOBLE EDUCATION INC
Patrick McClain Former Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer FALCONSTOR SOFTWARE INC