Executive Compensation Report By Executive

Tami L. Van Straten Senior Vice President Administration, General Counsel and Secretary of PDC, and Senior Vice President Administration, General Counsel and Secretary of Appvion PAPERWEIGHT DEVELOPMENT CORP
Tamiko Coupland Former Corporate Secretary HQDA ELDERLY LIFE NETWORK CORP.
Tamir Ben-Yoseph Former General Counsel and Corporate Secretary ON TRACK INNOVATIONS
Tammera Mees Secretary and Director ADM ENDEAVORS, INC.
Tammy Romo Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer SOUTHWEST AIRLINES
Tammy D. Landon Senior Vice President of Operations ULTRATECH INC
Tammy M. Finley Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary ADVANCE AUTO PARTS INC
Tan Chee Hong CEO, Secretary, Director, Chairman INBIT CORP
Tan Lung Lai President/ CEO/ CFO/ Director/ Treasurer SQUARE CHAIN CORP
Tan Paoy Teik Chief Marketing Officer SINO AGRO FOOD INC
Tan Po Hwa Secretary/ Director SQUARE CHAIN CORP
Tan Sri Barry Goh Ming Choon President, Chief Executive Officer, Treasurer, Secretary and Director ODENZA CORP.
Tan Sri Dato'Sri Lai Teck Peng CEO TRENDMAKER INC. LTD.
Tan Yu Chai Chief Executive Officer, and Director LUXXO, INC.
Taneli Jouhikainen Chief Operating Officer & President SAVARA INC
Tang (Eric) Chin Pang Executive Director INNOCOM TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS, INC.
Tani Girton EVP & Chief Financial Officer BANK OF MARIN BANCORP
Tao Fu Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial and Business Officer PORTOLA PHARMACEUTICALS INC
Tao Levy Executive Vice President, Business Development MASIMO CORP
Tao Li Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board CHINA GREEN AGRICULTURE, INC.
Tara Comonte Chief Financial Officer SHAKE SHACK INC.
Tara Nickerson Ph.D. Chief Business Officer PROTHENA CORP PLC
Tara D. Mackey Chief Legal Officer & Secretary AZZ INC
Tarang P. Amin Chairman & Chief Executive Officer E.L.F. BEAUTY INC
Tarek Robbiati Former Chief Financial Officer SPRINT CORP
Tarek Robbiati Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE
Tarek A. Sherif Chairman and Chief Executive Officer MEDIDATA SOLUTIONS, INC.
Taryn D. Fielder Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary WASHINGTON REIT