Executive Compensation Report By Executive

Terrell Suddarth Chief Technology Officer BIOTECH PRODS SRVCS RESEARCH
Terren S. Peizer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer CATASYS, INC.
Terrence DeFranco President & CEO IOTA COMMUNICATIONS, INC.
Terrence Ronan Executive Vice President-Chief Financial Officer ATLANTIC POWER CORP
Terrence Schmid Former Chief Financial Officer IMPERVA INC
Terrence Tecco Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer ELITE GROUP INC.
Terrence A. Duffy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer CME GROUP INC
Terrence B. Larkin Executive Vice President, Business Development General Counsel and Corporate Secretary LEAR CORP
Terrence D. Matthews EVP and President of Intermodal HUNT (JB) TRANSPRT SVCS INC
Terrence J. Anderson Executive Vice President, Corporate Development BROADVIEW NETWORKS HLDG INC
Terrence J. O'Donovan Sr. Vice President, Marketing and Sales CORE MOLDING TECHNOLOGIES
Terrence M. Decio Vice President, Marketing and Sales SKYLINE CHAMPION CORP
Terrence O. Moorehead Chief Executive Officer NATURES SUNSHINE PRODUCTS INC
Terrence P. Laughlin Former Vice Chairman and Head of Global Wealth & Investment Management BANK OF AMERICA CORP
Terrence R. Curtin Chief Executive Officer (PEO) TE CONNECTIVITY LTD
Terrence S. Hahn Former Chief Executive Officer and President, Director AXALTA COATING SYSTEMS LTD
Terrence W. Kenny President of Air & Liquid Systems Corporation AMPCO PITTSBURGH CORP
Terrence W. Norchi President and Chief Executive Officer ARCH THERAPEUTICS INC
Terri A. Morrical Vice President, Animal Safety NEOGEN CORP
Terri A. Pizzuto Executive Vice President, CFO and Treasurer HUB GROUP INC -CL A
Terri L. Degner Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer ANCHOR BANCORP/WA
Terri R. Kallsen Executive Vice President - Investor Services SCHWAB (CHARLES) CORP
Terrie L. McQuillen Vice President, Community Bancorp., and Senior Vice President and Chief Credit Officer, Community National Bank COMMUNITY BANCORP INC/VT
Terry Bassham Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer GREAT PLAINS ENERGY INC
Terry Bassham President and Chief Executive Officer EVERGY INC
Terry Buffalo Chief Operations Officer AMERICAN CANNABIS COMPANY, INC.
Terry Considine Chairman of the Board of Directors, President and Chief Executive Officer APARTMENT INVST & MGMT CO
Terry Jimenez EVP/Chief Financial Officer TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO