Executive Compensation Report By Executive

Adam P. Chase President & Chief Executive Officer CHASE CORP
Adam P. Symson President & Chief Executive Officer E.W. SCRIPPS CO
Adam R. Craig M.D. President and Chief Executive Officer CTI BIOPHARMA CORP
Adam R. Kokas General Counsel and Chief Human Resources Officer ATLAS AIR WORLDWIDE HLDG INC
Adam S. Levy Chief Business Officer MIRAGEN THERAPEUTICS INC
Adam S. Markman Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer EQUITY COMMONWEALTH
Adam S. Pollitzer Chief Financial Officer NMI HOLDINGS INC
Adam S. Umanoff EIX EVP and General Counsel EDISON INTERNATIONAL
Adam St. John Senior Vice President of Manufacturing VERSO CORP
Adam T. Bergonzi AVP and National's Chief Risk Officer MBIA INC
Adeel Khan Chief Financial Officer REXFORD INDUS REALTY
Adelene Q. Perkins Chief Executive Officer INFINITY PHARMACEUTICALS INC
Adeline Gu Chief Financial Officer and Secretary CHINA RECYCLING ENERGY CORP
Adena T. Friedman President and CEO NASDAQ INC
Aditya P. Mohanty Co-Chief Executive Officer BIOTIME INC
Adnan Hani Ghabris Chief Executive Officer NATIONAL ENERGY SERVICES REU
Adolphus B. Baker Chairman/CEO CAL-MAINE FOODS INC
Adom J. Greenland Senior Vice President of Bank CHOICEONE FINANCIAL SERVICES INC
Adrian Adams Chief Executive Officer ARALEZ PHARMACEUTICALS INC
Adrian Coral President, Colombia GRAN TIERRA ENERGY INC.
Adrian Coward Senior Vice President, Healthcare Specialty Services STERIS PLC
Adrian McDermott President of Products ZENDESK INC
Adrian Oates Vice President, Quality and Regulatory UNIVERSAL BIOSENSORS INC
Adrian Rawcliffe Chief Financial Officer ADAPTIMMUNE THERAPEUTICS
Adrian Vazquez Chief Medical Officer APOLLO MEDICAL HOLDINGS, INC.
Adrian Vazquez M.D. Co-Chief Medical Officer APOLLO MEDICAL HOLDINGS, INC.
Adrian Dario Rivera Tchernikov President, Secretary and Treasurer RIVEX TECHNOLOGY CORP.
Adrian G. Goldfarb Chief Financial Officer, EVP, Director DUOS TECHNOLOGIES GROUP, INC.
Adrian J. Downes Senior Vice President Chief Accounting Officer and Acting Chief Financial Officer GREENBRIER COMPANIES INC