Executive Compensation Report By Executive

P. Cullimore Former SVP EASTMAN KODAK CO
P. Parliament chief executive officer, president, and chairman of the board BRAVO MULTINATIONAL INC.
P. Renfrow Vice President, Public Affairs and Corporate Administration of the Company OGE ENERGY CORP
P. Rodino III General Counsel and Secretary HEMISPHERX BIOPHARMA INC
P. Anthony Lannie Executive Vice President and General Counsel APACHE CORP
P. Carey Lowe Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer ENSCO PLC
P. Cody Phipps Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer OWENS & MINOR INC
P. Darryl Rensmon Senior Vice President/ Chief Information Officer EAGLE BANCORP MONTANA, INC.
P. E. Yarrington Vice President and Chief Financial Officer CHEVRON CORP
P. F. Loughlin Former Senior Vice President, Operations and Supply Chain VERSUM MATERIALS INC
P. J. Ganz Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary ASHLAND GLOBAL HOLDINGS INC
P. J. Ippolito President, The Americas Group SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO
P. J. Ward Vice President and Chief Financial Officer CUMMINS INC
P. Justin Skala Chief Operating Officer North America, Europe, Africa/Eurasia and Global Sustainability COLGATE-PALMOLIVE CO
P. M. Dinnick Vice-president and general counsel IMPERIAL OIL LTD
P. Matthew Farabaugh Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer PARK ELECTROCHEMICAL CORP
P. Michael McCarthy Former Chief Information Officer CARDTRONICS PLC
P. S. Shannon Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer ALLEGION PLC
P. Scott Conti President, Capital Properties, Inc. CAPITAL PROPERTIES INC
P. Stephen Appelbaum Exec. Vice President, CFO, Secretary CASS INFORMATION SYSTEMS INC
P.W. (Bill) Parker Former Vice Chairman and Chief Risk Officer U S BANCORP
Paal Kibsgaard Chairman & CEO SCHLUMBERGER LTD
Pablo Cussatti Former Senior Vice President of Operations and Fulfillment BLUE APRON HOLDNG INC
Pablo Lapuerta M.D. Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer LEXICON PHARMACEUTICALS INC
Pablo A. Vegas Executive Vice President, Gas Business Segment and Chief Customer Officer NISOURCE INC
Pablo G. Mercado Sr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer FORUM ENERGY TECH INC
Pablo j. Salame Vice Chairman GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC
Padmanabh P. Bhatt Ph.D. Senior Vice President, Intellectual Property, Chief Scientific Officer SUPERNUS PHARMACEUTICALS INC
Paige K. Robbins Sr. Vice President, Grainger Chief Digital Officer GRAINGER (W W) INC