Executive Compensation Report By Executive

Zach Bair CEO VNUE, INC.
Zach Carusona Senior Vice President and President, Specialty Minerals U S SILICA HOLDINGS INC
Zach Nosbisch Commodity Manager HOMELAND ENERGY SOLUTIONS LLC
Zach Rasmuson Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer DUCKHORN PORTFOLIO INC (THE)
Zach Serber Chief Scientific Officer ZYMERGEN INC
Zach Swarts Chief Financial Officer GB SCIENCES INC
Zachary B. Fleming Chief Executive Officer SANARA MEDTECH INC
Zachary B. King Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer USA TRUCK INC
Zachary C. Parker President and Chief Executive Officer DLH HOLDINGS CORP
Zachary Ceiley Executive Vice President of Bisco EACO CORP
Zachary J. Wasserman Chief Financial Officer Senior Executive Vice President HUNTINGTON BANCSHARES INC /MD/
Zachary K. Bradford CEO, President, and Director CLEANSPARK INC
Zachary Kirkhorn Master of Coin and Chief Financial Officer Tesla, Inc.
Zachary Koff Chief Operating Officer SHAKE SHACK INC
Zachary N. Carpenter Executive Vice President-Chief Business Officer FEDERAL AGRICULTURE MTG CP
Zachary Roberts Chief Medical Officer INSTIL BIO INC
Zachary Rome Director and former COO, EVP, and Secretary TIMBER PHARMACEUTICALS INC
Zachary Stassen Chief Financial Officer VIEWRAY INC
Zachary Venegas President/CEO, Director HELIX TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
Zachary Wolf Former Chief Financial Officer ENSTAR GROUP LTD
Zackary Irani Chairman & Chief Executive Officer BIOMERICA INC
Zackery A. Weber Vice President of Finance INSIGNIA SYSTEMS INC
Zackery Hicks Chief Digital and Technology Officer KIMBERLY-CLARK CORP
Zafar A. Rizvi Chief Executive Officer and President REX AMERICAN RESOURCES CORP
Zahir Loaiza Interim CFO DSG GLOBAL INC.
Zalmi Duchman Chief Executive Officer; Director HOME BISTRO, INC. /NV/
Zaman Khan President SYSOREX, INC.
Zami Aberman Chairman PLURI INC
Zander Lurie Chief Executive Officer & Director MOMENTIVE GLOBAL INC