Executive Compensation Report By Executive

N. A. Chapman Senior Vice President EXXON MOBIL CORP
N. C. Dallob Vice President, Secretary and Chief Legal Officer CHEMED CORP
N. David Bleisch Executive Vice President, Chief Legal & Administrative Officer, and Corporate Secretary OFFICE DEPOT INC
N. M. Westfall Executive Vice President CHEMED CORP
N. Malone Mitchell III Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer TRANSATLANTIC PETROLEUM LTD.
N. Paul Brost Chief Financial Officer COMMAND SECURITY CORP
N. Robert Hammer Former Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer COMMVAULT SYSTEMS INC
N. Scott Fine CEO Cyclo Therapeutics, Inc.
N. T. Linebarger Chairman and Chief Executive Officer CUMMINS INC
N. V. Tyagarajan President, Chief Executive Officer and Director Genpact LTD
N. W. Duffin Vice President; President, ExxonMobil Production Company EXXON MOBIL CORP
Nabyl Charania Chief Executive Officer Rokk3r Inc.
Nachiappan Chidambaram Vice President, Product Development Lipocine Inc.
Nachum Shamir President and Chief Executive Officer LUMINEX CORP
Nadav Elituv Principal Executive Officer, President, Chairman and Director Two Hands Corp
Nadav Friedmann Ph.D., M.D. Chief Medical and Operating Officer and Director CASSAVA SCIENCES INC
Nadav Kidron President and Chief Executive Officer and director ORAMED PHARMACEUTICALS INC
Nader Z. Pourhassan President and Chief Executive Officer CytoDyn Inc.
Nadine Paiement VP Research and Development IntelGenx Technologies Corp.
Nadir Ali Chief Executive Officer INPIXON
Nadir Ali Former Chief Executive Officer Sysorex, Inc.
Nagaraja Srivatsan Executive Vice President and Chief Growth Officer ExlService Holdings, Inc.
Nagesh K. Mahanthappa Ph.D. President and Chief Executive Officer Scholar Rock Holding Corp
Nalin Miglani Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer ExlService Holdings, Inc.
Nan Kreamer Chief Financial Officer Webstar Technology Group Inc.
Nancie J. Smith Chairman of the Board and Secretary MISSION BROADCASTING INC
Nancy A. Simonian M.D. President & Chief Executive Officer Syros Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Nancy A. Walsh Chief financial officer Lumber Liquidators Holdings, Inc.