Executive Compensation Report By Executive

I. Read Chairman and Chief Executive Officer PFIZER INC
I. Andrew Weeraratne CEO, CFO, Directors REBORN COFFEE, INC.
I. Andrew Weeraratne CEO, CFO, Director AMERICAN RES CORP
Iain Anderson Principal Financial Officer NEMAURA MEDICAL INC
Iain Humphries Chief Financial Officer CONCRETE PUMPING HOLDINGS
Iain MacKenzie Former President and Chief Executive Officer SMART GLOBAL HOLDINGS INC
Ian Bickley President, Global Business Development and Strategic Alliances TAPESTRY INC
Ian Brander Senior Vice Persident, Colfax and Howden President COLFAX CORP
Ian Denholm Chief Accounting Officer PROPETRO HOLDING CORP.
Ian Estus Chief Executive Officer, Director STANDARD DIVERSIFIED INC
Ian Friedland M.D. Former Chief Medical Officer ACHAOGEN INC
Ian Grieves President and General Manager, DynaEnergetics DMC GLOBAL INC
Ian Hanson Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer UNILIFE CORP
Ian Jacobs President, Secretary, Chief Financial Officer and Director PENINSULA ACQUISITION CORP
Ian McLeod Interim Chief Financial Officer ABIOMED INC
Ian Rhodes former President and CEO (PEO) GLYECO INC
Ian Rosenblatt CEO, Director SATYA WORLDWIDE, INC.
Ian von Fellenberg Vice President & General Manager, Analog Test Handlers COHU INC
Ian Walsh Chief Operating Officer REV GROUP INC
Ian A. Hudson Senior Vice President and CFO FEDERAL SIGNAL CORP
Ian A. Johnston Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer PERFORMANT FINANCIAL CORP
Ian C. Mortimer President, Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary XENON PHARMACEUTICALS INC
Ian D. Branagan Senior Vice President and Group Chief Risk Officer RENAISSANCERE HOLDINGS LTD
Ian E. Dickinson CEO and President ENSERVCO CORP
Ian F. Smith EVP & Chief Operating Officer VERTEX PHARMACEUTICALS INC
Ian G. Davis Vice President, U.S. Field G&K SERVICES INC -CL A
Ian J. Henkes Vice President, Operations South & National Wireline GM KEANE GROUP, INC.
Ian M. Cook Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer COLGATE-PALMOLIVE CO