Executive Compensation Report By Executive

Bennett W. Anderson Chief Operating Officer DAYBREAK OIL & GAS INC
Benno Dorer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer CLOROX CO/DE
Benny Doro President and Director MONSTER PRODUCTS, INC.
Benny P. Mikkelsen Founder, Chief Technology Officer ACACIA COMMUNICATIONS INC
Benoit Fouilland Chief Financial Officer CRITEO SA
Benson F. Smith Chairman and Former Chief Executive Officer TELEFLEX INC
Benton L. Cook Former Vice President of Finance and Controller CECO ENVIRONMENTAL CORP
Berard Tomassetti Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer PHARMERICA CORP
Berke Bakay President and Chief Executive Officer KONA GRILL INC
Bernadette M. Sohler Vice President Corporate Affairs MIDDLESEX WATER CO
Bernard Bot Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer TRAVELPORT WORLDWIDE LTD
Bernard Brautigan President, Merchandising ROSS STORES INC
Bernard Cohen Vice President and Chief Financial Officer AMARILLO BIOSCIENCES INC
Bernard Gutmann Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer ON SEMICONDUCTOR CORP
Bernard Kim President of Publishing ZYNGA INC
Bernard A. Hausen M.D., Ph.D. Former President and Chief Executive Officer DEXTERA SURGICAL INC
Bernard D. Berman President and Chief Compliance Officer FIFTH STREET ASSET MGMT INC
Bernard F. Denoyer Former Senior Vice President, Finance SYNERGY PHARMACEUTICALS INC
Bernard H. Clineburg Executive Chairman CARDINAL FINANCIAL CORP
Bernard J. Birkett Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer MERIT MEDICAL SYSTEMS INC
Bernard J. Cassidy General Counsel and Secretary JUNO THERAPEUTICS INC
Bernard J. Clark Executive Vice President - Advisor Services SCHWAB (CHARLES) CORP
Bernard P. Thiers President - Flooring ROW MOHAWK INDUSTRIES INC
Bernardino Paolucci Chief Executive Officer, President,Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer and Director NOVUS ROBOTICS INC
Bernardo Hees Chief Executive Officer KRAFT HEINZ CO
Bernardo Melo VP Global Sales & Marketing SINGING MACHINE CO INC
Bernerd Da Santos EVP & Chief Operating Officer AES CORP
Bernie Blegen Chief Financial Officer MONOLITHIC POWER SYSTEMS INC
Bernie Moyle Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer RED LION HOTELS CORP