Executive Compensation Report By Executive

Malcolm Swift Executive Vice President, Global Flavor Solutions and Chief Administrative Officer MCCORMICK & CO INC
Malcolm Wilson Chief Executive Officer GXO LOGISTIC INC
Malik Ducard Chief Content Officer PINTEREST INC
Malissa Akay Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer EXPRESS INC
Malissia Clinton EVP, GC and Secretary MERITAGE HOMES CORP
Mallorie Burak President and Chief Financial Officer Knightscope, Inc.
Man Chung Chan CEO, CFO, Secretary and Director COSMOS GROUP HOLDINGS INC
Man Chung Chan CEO, CFO, Secretary and Director MARVION INC
Manavendra Sial Former Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer SUNPOWER CORP
Manavendra Sial Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer FLUENCE ENERGY INC
Mandesh Dosanjh President and CEO - Pure Sunfarms VILLAGE FARMS INTL INC
Mandy Berman Chief Operating Officer, Back-up Care and Emerging Care Services BRIGHT HORIZONS FAMILY SOLUTIONS INC.
Mandy Fields SVP and Chief Financial Officer e.l.f. Beauty, Inc.
Mani Sundaram EVP and General Manager, Security Technology Group AKAMAI TECHNOLOGIES INC
Manish Bhatia Executive Vice President, Global Operations MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC
Manish Chandra Chief Executive Officer POSHMARK INC
Manish Chawla Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer ASPEN TECHNOLOGY INC
Manish Parmar Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Risk Officer Regional Management Corp.
Manish Sarin Chief Financial Officer Sprinklr, Inc.
Manish Sharma Chief executive officer-North America Accenture plc
Manja Boerman Former President, Division Head for Biomodalities Catalent, Inc.
Manmeet S. Soni Chief Operation Officer, Chief Financial Officer and President REATA PHARMACEUTICALS INC
Manmeet S. Soni Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer SUMMIT THERAPEUTICS INC
Manmohan Mahajan Interim Global Chief Financial Officer Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.
Mannik S. Dhillon President, Investment Franchises and Solutions; Head of Product and Strategy VICTORY CPTL HLDGS INC
Manoj Leelanivas Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer JUNIPER NETWORKS INC
Manoj Shetty Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer GLOBAL INDUSTRIAL Co
Manoocher Mansouri President of Optoelectronics and Manufacturing Division OSI SYSTEMS INC
Mansi Khetani Interim Chief Financial Officer ChargePoint Holdings, Inc.