Executive Compensation Report By Executive

Wei ("Kitty") Yang Vice President and Secretary JERASH HOLDINGS (US), INC.
Wei (Samuel) Shen Chief Financial Officer CHINA HGS REAL ESTATE INC
Wei Min Jin Chief Financial Officer LOVE INTERNATIONAL GROUP, INC.
Wei-Rur Chen CEO, President and CFO COLORSTARS GROUP
Wei-Tao Wang CEO and President, Director ETERNITY HEALTHCARE INC
Weidong Chen Chairman of Board and CEO CHINA CHANGJIANG MINING & NE
Weidong Chen Chief Technology Officer and Director CASA SYSTEMS INC
Weidong Chen Chief Technology Officer and Director CASA SYSTEMS INC
Weidong (Wayne) Du Chief Executive Officer, President, and Director JAKROO INC.
Weiliang Liu President, CEO, and Director CEETOP INC
Weiting Feng Chief Financial Officer and Director GOLDEN MATRIX GROUP, INC.
Weldon Spangler Chief Executive Officer PAPA MURPHY'S HOLDINGS INC
Wen Liang Li Former Vice President, Chief Technology Officer HIGHPOWER INTERNATIONAL INC
Wen Mei Tu President, CEO, Treasurer, Secretary and Director ZHEN DING RESOURCES INC.
Wendelin C. Maners Vice President, Sales and Marketing MRI INTERVENTIONS INC
Wendell Blonigan President and Chief Executive Officer INTEVAC INC
Wendell L. Bontrager President of Equity Bank EQUITY BANCSHARES INC
Wendell P. Weeks Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President CORNING INC
Wendy Jones Senior Vice President, Global Customer Experience & Operations EBAY INC
Wendy Wee Chief Financial Officer KINDRED BIOSCIENCES INC
Wendy A. Beck Former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE HOLDINGS LTD.
Wendy J. Hills Former EVP, Chief Legal Officer, GC and Secretary WADDELL & REED FINANCIAL INC
Wendy L. Marlett Chief Marketing Officer CALATLANTIC GROUP, INC.
Wendy L. Simpson Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President LTC PROPERTIES INC
Wendy S. Diddell Executive Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer RICHARDSON ELECTRONICS LTD
Wendy W. Gill Senior Vice President - Corporate Operations & Chief Accounting Officer COLUMBIA PROPERTY TRUST INC
Wendy Wei Li Chief Financial Officer, Secretary and Treasurer HEYU BIOLOGICAL TECH CORP
Wenfa "Simon" Sun President, CEO, Chairman CAT9 GROUP INC.
Weng Kung Wong Chief Executive Officer and President PRIME GLOBAL CAPITAL GROUP