Executive Compensation Report By Executive

Yehuda Shmidman Former Chief Executive Officer SEQUENTIAL BRANDS GROUP, INC.
Yevgeny Fundler Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary AMERICAN RAILCAR INDS INC
Yi Hsiao Mao Director and Chief Executive Officer CHINA UNITED INSURANCE SERVICE, INC.
Yi Xing Wang President, CEO, CFO, Secretary and Director PHOENIX APPS INC.
Yi-Shan Feng Secretary and Director ASIA TRAINING INSTITUTE US, INC.
Yiap Soon Keong Chief Executive Officer ECCO AUTO WORLD CORP
Yifan Liang Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary ALPHA AND OMEGA SEMICONDUCTR
Yih-Shyan (Wally) Liaw Senior Vice President, International Sales, Corporate Secretary and Director SUPER MICRO COMPUTER, INC.
Yihong Yao Chief Scientific Officer CELLULAR BIOMEDICINE GROUP
Yihua Kang Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President EVER-GLORY INTL GROUP INC
Yik Kei Ong Former President CEO and Director PREVENTION INSURANCE COM INC
Yimin Jin Chief Strategic Officer and Director PLANET GREEN HOLDINGS CORP
Ying Zhong Vice President, Director FLURIDA GROUP INC
Yingzhi DONG President, Secretary, Treasurer, CFO, Director SAVDEN GROUP CORP.
Yishay Curelaru Former Chief Financial Officer ON TRACK INNOVATIONS
Yizhao Zhang Director XT ENERGY GROUP INC
Yoav Galin VP Research and Development SOLAREDGE TECHNOLOGIES INC
Yoel Rosario Duran President, Treasurer, and Director VIVIC CORP.
Yogesh Gupta Chief Executive Officer PROGRESS SOFTWARE CORP
Yohan Hazot VP, Pharmaceutical Development FOAMIX PHARMACEUTICALS LTD
Yong Sun Vice President Commercial Operations HARVARD BIOSCIENCE INC
Yong Zhang Chief Executive Officer, Director FUSE ENTERPRISES INC.
Yong Chian Yon Secretary M101 CORP.
Yong Jae (Patrick) Park Regional President Asia MANNATECH INC
Yong Lin Song CTO, Director of Technology KIWA BIO-TECH PRODUCTS GROUP CORP
Yong Qiang Yang President (principal executive officer) LOVE INTERNATIONAL GROUP, INC.
Yonghua Kang Director, CEO ALLYME GROUP, INC./NV
Yongke Xue Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Director FUTURE FINTECH GROUP INC
York Ragen Chief Financial Officer GENERAC HOLDINGS INC